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Canopies can be a design feature to mark entrances, shape circulation, define a space, highlight fenestration, contribute to a building’s aesthetic, etc.

Functionally, canopies are important in sheltering occupants from the elements as they enter/exit a building, in keeping exterior routes free of snow or shaded, creating comfortable spaces for outdoor activities or for waiting, and more.

Glazed canopies from Wisconsin Solar Design help you achieve all of the above, while also admitting controlled amounts of natural daylight and – if desired – permitting views of the sky or views to/from other parts of your structure. And, for architects and engineers, WSD’s glazed canopies can be part of your design repertoire when you wish to create visually lighter and more delicate structures.

Wisconsin Solar Design offers several different types of glazed canopy systems. Our glass canopies come in either a glazing bar + bar cap system or as a fully-engineered point-supported-glass system with spider fittings. Our translucent structured polycarbonate systems come in either a glazing bar + bar cap system or a standing seam panel and batten system. Alternatively, you can set one of our skylight systems into a non-glazed canopy.

No matter what look you’re after or what your budget is - we’ve got you covered.

Single Slope

These canopies provide drainage by sloping to one side. This can be directly off the edge, onto suitable landscaping, at either side, or can be collected by gutters at the building or the leading edge.

The single slope configuration is particularly suited to both small and long, linear canopies, though it can be successfully used on larger canopies with more equal proportions (or even curved footprints) – if sufficient clearance height is available.


The arched form of a glazed vault canopy can provide a powerful visual statement. Wisconsin Solar Design’s custom engineering/manufacturing capabilities, combined with our many available framing and glazing options, opens up a world of possibilities.

True curves can be achieved with both our framing and our glass. Also, most of WSD’s translucent structured polycarbonate glazing is uniquely suited to curved applications.

Alternatively, it can often be simpler and more economical to approximate a curve with a number of straight segments. This enables use of straight framing members and flat glazing.


Gable canopies combine some of the best qualities of single slope and vault canopies.

Gable canopies can highlight circulation or axes, but can also span larger, more equal-sided spaces with less overall vertical rise than a single slope canopy. Gable canopies are simpler and more cost-effective than vault canopies, while still having similar visual impact and spacing-defining qualities.

Canopy Skylight

Wisconsin Solar Design can also provide glazed assemblies that are just a portion of the overall canopy.

A canopy skylight can range from a small skylight on a curb to an expanse of glazing set into a more substantial, built-up perimeter.

Whatever the design calls for, Wisconsin Solar Design can custom engineer and fabricate a system that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding construction.

Point-Supported-Glass (PSG)

For a clean, minimal aesthetic, Wisconsin Solar Design offers point-supported-glass installations. These fix the glass in place at a few locations using small, stainless steel arms/posts (often called spider fittings); joints are generally butt glazed and sleek.

Though PSG canopies have fewer components, they require careful engineering. Loads on the glass are concentrated around the fittings and vary based on spacing and geometry. Fittings need to be carefully selected based upon a number of different criteria. PSG systems should always be reviewed by qualified, well-versed professional engineers.

Wisconsin Solar Design’s in-house engineering staff has proven experience with PSG systems, and works hand-in-hand with our installation crews for elegant, safe results.