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Our structured polycarbonate glazing options equal and surpass alternatives like fiberglass sandwich panels. For individual panels, we can provide glazing within a mullion-and-cap framework. For uninterrupted spans, we can provide continuous interlocking panels.

Our panel systems can achieve insulating values of R = 0.15 while maintaining high light transmission properties > 30%. When a design calls for abundant natural daylight and high energy efficiency, Wisconsin Solar Design’s translucent wall panel systems are the natural choice.

Single Openings

Wisconsin Solar Design can provide translucent options ranging from windows in small punched openings to large wall panel assemblies.

The structural aluminum framework at the interior, along with the exterior cap that captures our translucent glazing, creates a general appearance similar to that of storefront. For small openings, we can provide a simple perimeter frame; for larger wall panel assemblies, we can customize mullion layouts per your design.

By offering an array of aluminum profiles, architectural finishes, and translucent panels, we tailor our translucent wall assemblies to your project’s specific performance requirements, detailing, and aesthetic.