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Wisconsin Solar Design custom manufacturers metal-framed skylights glazed with a variety of glass make-ups and, alternatively, translucent structured polycarbonate. Our skylights are thermally-broken with integral condensate gutters and weeps. Available in single slope, pyramid, hip, gable, and vault configurations - or any shape you can dream up.

Enjoy the physiological and energy benefits of introducing more natural daylight into your interior.


Wisconsin Solar Design’s sloped glazing assemblies provide the clean aesthetic of a storefront system, but are engineered for the exposure requirements of an inclined system and incorporate our full array of special skylight details to effectively shed precipitation and keep out weather.

Our skylights / sloped glazing assemblies provide the highest thermal performance in the industry, a CRF = 71 for the thermal frame.


For quick and easy installation, small skylights can be provided as a completely pre-assembled unit. Our traditionally-framed systems can provide a high-performance, long-lasting installation. Plastic dome/pyramid unit skylights trade some of this for a lower upfront cost. All types available either as curb-mount, to be set on site-built curbs, or with integral curbs, to be set on blocking at a roof opening.


Wisconsin Solar Design is a custom manufacturer; we can help you bring your vision to life, whether you are bidding completed drawings or are early in the design process and have some questions. Over the years, we have worked closely with general contractors, architects/engineers, and owners to produce scores of unique, one-of-a-kind skylights.