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Wisconsin Solar Design’s custom fabrication and single-source installation capabilities enable us to go beyond our extensive product offerings, and to also provide our clients/partners with an array of services.

Since our staff of engineers, architects, and craftsmen install nearly all of our jobs, Wisconsin Solar Design has a large pool of experienced, knowledgeable talent to draw upon for in-the-field services. In addition to installing our own products, we frequently retrofit, upgrade, and repair existing installations by others. Even if it’s simply replacing some glass or resealing an otherwise sound installation, we are happy to help.

Because so many of our projects are custom adaptations of a standard design - or are completely novel “one-off” designs, our on-staff architects and engineers rely heavily on the latest technology to conceptualize our glazed structures and develop their detailing for fabrication. Combined with our 40+ years of experience with glazed structures, this uniquely positions Wisconsin Solar Design to provide consultation services to architectural and engineering firms in the cost estimating, design development, and construction document phases. And, for homeowners and facility managers who have small glazed-structure-only needs, Wisconsin Solar Design can provide programming, cost estimating, and visualization services, then fully design, fabricate, and install your project.

Glazed Structure Design / Build

While we usually work as a consultant for architects or a sub for general contractors, homeowners and facility managers can depend on Wisconsin Solar Design for turn-key delivery of specialty glazed structures.

For skylight retrofits, solarium additions, a hobby greenhouse, greenhouse equipment tailoring, and more, Wisconsin Solar Design can be your one-stop shop.

Design Consulting

Wisconsin Solar Design provides design assistance for architects and engineers. Whether you have a simple question for your specification, are looking for a unique detail, or wish to sub out the design of a particularly complicated skylight or greenhouse, we can help.

Our staff of architects and engineers have over (4) decades of experience; we utilize AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro, and more for our drafting and 3D modeling.

Service / Maintenance

If your skylight, greenhouse, solarium, etc. is serving you well and just needs a little attention, we do that, too.

Have a leak? Has the seal on one of your insulated glass units failed? Is some of the glass cracked? Caulk starting to separate and peel? Maybe no problems have arisen and you just want to stay ahead of any future issues?

Wisconsin Solar Design can repair, service, and maintain your glazed installation - helping to extend its useful life.

Modify / Replace Existing Construction

Wisconsin Solar Design can modify or replace aging installations that do not perform as needed, have been damaged, or whose components have simply reached the end of their life cycle. Today’s glazing technology, combined with our industry-leading innovations, can drastically improve your building’s energy usage along with making it more comfortable for occupants.

We can match existing components to maintain the current look, or make it fresh and contemporary.