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Wisconsin Solar Design offers standard and custom glazed structures to meet your project’s unique requirements. Choose from metal-framed glass systems or metal-framed translucent systems - available with a wide array of glazing options - as well as point-supported glass systems, standing seam polycarbonate panel systems, and more. Our metal-framed systems are engineered on a per-project basis and are thermally-broken with integral condensation collection.

Though we are a custom manufacturer and can create just about anything, we most commonly provide the following structures / specification sections: metal-framed skylights (086300), unit skylights (086200) or translucent skylights (084500); glass, structured polycarbonate panel, and photovoltaic-glass glazed canopies (107316.33) or point supported glass canopies (107316.36); point supported glass awnings (107313.36); glass or structured polycarbonate panel glazed greenhouses, solariums, or atriums (sections 13413 or 131230), including equipment necessary for horticultural environments, i.e. shades, vent sash, fans, evaporative cooling, benches, heating, irrigation, computer environmental control system, grow lighting, weather station, etc.


Wisconsin Solar Design custom manufacturers metal-framed skylights glazed with a variety of glass make-ups and, alternatively, translucent structured polycarbonate. Our skylights are thermally-broken with integral condensate gutters and weeps. Available in single slope, pyramid, hip, gable, and vault configurations - or any shape you can dream up.

Enjoy the physiological and energy benefits of introducing more natural daylight into your interior.


Wisconsin Solar Design’s sloped glazing assemblies provide the clean aesthetic of a storefront system, but are engineered for the exposure requirements of an inclined system and incorporate our full array of special skylight details to effectively shed precipitation and keep out weather.

Our skylights / sloped glazing assemblies provide the highest thermal performance in the industry, a CRF = 71 for the thermal frame.

Canopies can be a design feature to mark entrances, shape circulation, define a space, highlight fenestration, contribute to a building’s aesthetic, etc.

Functionally, canopies are important in sheltering occupants from the elements as they enter/exit a building, in keeping exterior routes free of snow or shaded, creating comfortable spaces for outdoor activities or for waiting, and more.

Glazed canopies from Wisconsin Solar Design help you achieve all of the above, while also admitting controlled amounts of natural daylight and – if desired – permitting views of the sky or views to/from other parts of your structure. And, for architects and engineers, WSD’s glazed canopies can be part of your design repertoire when you wish to create visually lighter and more delicate structures.

Wisconsin Solar Design offers several different types of glazed canopy systems. Our glass canopies come in either a glazing bar + bar cap system or as a fully-engineered point-supported-glass system with spider fittings. Our translucent structured polycarbonate systems come in either a glazing bar + bar cap system or a standing seam panel and batten system. Alternatively, you can set one of our skylight systems into a non-glazed canopy.

No matter what look you’re after or what your budget is - we’ve got you covered.

A solarium from Wisconsin Solar Design is likely to be the most beloved space in your home or facility.Create stunning views, relax in mood-enhancing natural sunlight, and enjoy a year-round connection to the outdoors.

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you bought your home at least in part because of the land and its location. Immerse yourself in the views and connection to the outdoors (or neighborhood) while retaining the creature comforts of your home.

Or, if you own/manage a commercial or public building, create a space for your occupants that they’ll be drawn to. Studies indicate exposure to natural daylight and nature leads to increased health, productivity, and happiness – and solariums are a wonderful way to incorporate these elements into your facility.

Wisconsin Solar Design’s solariums are somewhat similar to our greenhouses, but are optimized to ensure human comfort throughout the year. Operable, screened windows allow even more connection to the outdoors, while admitting cooling breezes. Motorized venting and fans can cool during summer months, while shading can both cool and also moderate light levels. During colder weather, unit heaters keep the space warm while you watch the snow fall. WSD is happy to guide you through all the options available for your new favorite spot.

Wisconsin Solar Design has over 40 years of experience fabricating and installing greenhouses. Whatever your growing needs, we can provide the optimal configuration, and then equip it to maintain the ideal greenhouse environment for you or your client’s horticultural endeavors.

On one end of the spectrum, WSD works with homeowners to add hobby greenhouses to their homes, enabling them to enjoy their plants and gardening year-round. Such greenhouses can be small, simple spaces with manual shading and ventilation – or we can work with our clients to choose upgrades that let them take their passion to the next level. Regardless, each Wisconsin Solar Design greenhouse is customized to meet your individual needs and take maximum advantage of your home/site.

At the other end of the spectrum, Wisconsin Solar Design’s greenhouses can be found at educational institutions across the country, equipped with advanced technology and automation and serving as a setting for classroom instruction. These facilities employ a myriad of options, including motorized ridge/wall vents, motorized shading and heat retention curtains, air flow fans, exhaust fans, misting/irrigation systems, evaporative coolers, gas unit heaters, radiant / hot water heating systems, grow lighting, single- or multi-zone computerized control system with sensors to automate everything.

Of course, many greenhouses fall somewhere in between. With a wide range of glazing options, including glass and structured polycarbonate panels, vent and window types, freestanding or attached to another structure, straight or bent eaves, and plenty of available equipment, we will work with you to identify the best fit for your needs and budget.

Our structured polycarbonate glazing options equal and surpass alternatives like fiberglass sandwich panels. For individual panels, we can provide glazing within a mullion-and-cap framework. For uninterrupted spans, we can provide continuous interlocking panels.

Our panel systems can achieve insulating values of R = 0.15 while maintaining high light transmission properties > 30%. When a design calls for abundant natural daylight and high energy efficiency, Wisconsin Solar Design’s translucent wall panel systems are the natural choice.

Wisconsin Solar Design’s highly-refined framing systems, combined with the latest glazing technology, are often all that’s needed for a comfortable glazed structure. For increased control of your space’s interior conditions, though – or for existing glazed structures - WSD has an array of options, including shading systems and heat retention curtain systems.

From a simple, small, hand-pulled or attach-it-and-forget-it shade to large, complicated, motorized and fully-automated systems, WSD will work with you to identify the best solution for you.