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Wisconsin Solar Design has over 40 years of experience fabricating and installing greenhouses. Whatever your growing needs, we can provide the optimal configuration, and then equip it to maintain the ideal greenhouse environment for you or your client’s horticultural endeavors.

On one end of the spectrum, WSD works with homeowners to add hobby greenhouses to their homes, enabling them to enjoy their plants and gardening year-round. Such greenhouses can be small, simple spaces with manual shading and ventilation – or we can work with our clients to choose upgrades that let them take their passion to the next level. Regardless, each Wisconsin Solar Design greenhouse is customized to meet your individual needs and take maximum advantage of your home/site.

At the other end of the spectrum, Wisconsin Solar Design’s greenhouses can be found at educational institutions across the country, equipped with advanced technology and automation and serving as a setting for classroom instruction. These facilities employ a myriad of options, including motorized ridge/wall vents, motorized shading and heat retention curtains, air flow fans, exhaust fans, misting/irrigation systems, evaporative coolers, gas unit heaters, radiant / hot water heating systems, grow lighting, single- or multi-zone computerized control system with sensors to automate everything.

Of course, many greenhouses fall somewhere in between. With a wide range of glazing options, including glass and structured polycarbonate panels, vent and window types, freestanding or attached to another structure, straight or bent eaves, and plenty of available equipment, we will work with you to identify the best fit for your needs and budget.


Perhaps the simplest and most economical configuration, lean-to greenhouses meet an adjoining structure on one side and slope away towards the opposite side. Best suited to small or long, linear greenhouses. Taking full advantage of the mated structure to minimize the greenhouse envelope while providing direct access, lean-to greenhouses are constrained in size by their pitch and available eave height (head room).

Attached Gable / Hip

Keeping the advantages and conveniences of an adjoining structure, attached gable / hip greenhouses slope in two or more directions, allowing larger, more flexible footprints for a given pitch and eave height.

Gable roofs have two opposing, sloped sides that terminate in a vertical wall that continues vertically to the ridge.

Hip roofs maintain a consistent eave height, with all three (or more) walls sloping towards a central point or ridge.


If that concept in your head doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, don’t worry: Wisconsin Solar Design is a custom manufacturer.

Perhaps your greenhouse’s form needs to be a little more complicated or you wish for a greenhouse that’s a bit more ornate. WSD’s in-house architects and engineers enjoy a challenge, and our team of craftspeople will bring it to life.