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Operation: Manual / Motorized / Automatic

There are several ways to operate WSD’s shading and heat retention curtain systems.

The most basic approach is manual operation: shades/curtains can be adjusted at any time by hand, either directly or via cord & pulleys. If only needed on a seasonal basis, shades/curtains can be manually attached and left in place for the season.

A slightly more advanced approach is motorized operation: shades/curtains can be adjusted at any time via a switch that raises/lowers the system or places it in a preset intermediate position. Shades/curtains can be controlled by a single switch or can be split into separate zones as desired.

The most advanced approach is to pair motorized operation with an automatic controller. This can be a basic thermostat, or it can be an intelligent computerized controller that senses and accounts for a large number of environmental inputs. In this scenario, your space will maintain preselected criteria without any action required by the occupants.